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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
It's not. Have you noticed how quiet all the global warming alarmists have been lately?
They have good reason to be silent.
Within the next 2 years I expect it to completely collapse in on its self like a dieing star.
By 2030 it will be a complete joke, the few true believers left getting laughed at like flat earthers.

Petroleum isn't going anywhere ant time soon, it will get more expensive due to supply and demand.
I don't give alarmists any time.They don't have any better crystal ball than the next loon.AeroStealth mentions Guy McPherson and Paul Beckwith now and again.I Quite literally,do not have the time to keep up with any of that.I can't even stay abreast of things here at EcoModder!
I do defer to scientists whom are 'close' to the subject of climate change,and I subscribe to their 'cautionary principle'.
Like most folks,I'm just along for the ride,and will be watching as things unfold.
I believe very strongly in the science,only because I have quite a bit of the original material.I don't see any conspiracies there.These people work their a... off trying to debunk their own research.I consider them selfless heroes.
I agree with you that petroleum won't be going anywhere soon.We've just uncovered a conspiracy to make an additional $1.3-trillion for the oil companies.And the well-funded lobbyists who'll underwrite many an election and re-election campaign will have an ample war chest from which to buy elections.
I hope climate change turns out to be the biggest hoax ever perpetrated upon mankind,but when I study it,I can't come to any other conclusion than we've screwed the pooch.
The division I witness even here at EcoModder gives me little confidence that we'll ever be able to act before reaching critical tipping points,if we're not there already.
I see Dr,Seuss's Lorax playing out,where capitalists will be fighting over who gets to cut down the last Truffula Tree.
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