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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
We could use me as a test case.
* I live on a fixed income.
*I switched to wind-powered electric power,adding 1-cent/per kWh.
*I also switched from CFLs to LED lighting.
*With 'green' power,my overall monthly electric bill didn't change.
After reading 'How Not to Die',by Dr.Michael Gregor,and changing to a flexitarian diet,I lowered my cholesterol and blood pressure to normal in 6-months.And I'll never need Viagra.
The money I save by not eating the standard American diet is financing my trips to the wind tunnel.
It's very unlikely that I'll ever develop type-2 diabetes,high blood pressure,or stroke,as all these can be reversed with diet.
This keeps me away from expensive medications.Another pay raise!
If I weren't going to the wind tunnel I could be channeling that money towards an EV which I could charge from wind power,which would improve the standard of living for everyone on the planet.
Since my house is superinsulated,and I'm willing to live like an English king,heating is optional.
Air conditioning IS an issue.Over time I believe this situation can be improved.
I'm a veteran with Part-B Medicare,and so far in relatively good health,so I probably have an advantage as far as healthcare goes.That option was open to many.
As I mentioned in another thread,losing the 54.5 mpg CAFE standard will cost American motorists an additional $1,359,468,000,000.00 over the life of their 2025 automobile.So I would argue that clean air is a benefit to the economically-challenged in the USA.
The only reason it's even possible to have wind power that only costs 1 cent more per kwh is because of all the fossil fuel and nuclear power that can make up for when the wind is lacking.

What if not very many people want a 54.5mpg car and they would rather just pay the guzzler penalty and get a truck or SUV?
Then the big 3, not just ford would go to only making trucks, SUVs and muscle cars.
I'm expecting gas prices to double by 2025 and triple by 2030. That's why I am already adopting electrics as primary vehicles.
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