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what type?

Originally Posted by sendler View Post
Orderly transition to what? What type of social/ economic system do you see coming in 30 years when critical demand for liquid fuel will still be high but price will be 4X? How will we repay all of this current debt. And make a complete industrial, agricultural, infrastructure, transportation, transition to full electrification with full storage?
It will be something beyond my security level and pay grade.
The very fact that you can list such things is evidence that these are considerations,leading to the highest levels of the intelligence community and think tanks.
Stability will be the byword.We're not going to have anarchy in this country.
Since debt is a legal fiction,erasing debt is a matter of rearranging the ink on a piece of paper.
We like capitalism here,I suspect that this is what we'll have,although it may be a hybrid form, with some command and control.My college sociology professor talked about this.
New generations born into this world will take whatever they see as 'normal.'They'll have nothing to compare to.
At 30-years out,that's a lot of time,with slow,steady,incremental change along the timeline.That's all they've ever allowed before.
I likely won't be around.
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