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Originally Posted by All Darc
Strange, you ignored my responses. Did I anoyed you?
Don't read too much into it. People's thoughts wander for reasons beyond what we can know. I've made posts that make me laugh out loud and nobody notices.

In fact at permalink #2871 I said

Thanks for your perspective. All I got was 'obvious point is obvious'.
aerohead and Xist thanked me but you didn't. I tried not to care.

Further to #2882, here's an article from Cory Doctorow at BoingBoing:

After being hammered by hurricane Maria, the residents of the rural Puerto Rican mountain town of Mariana got tired of waiting for the bumbling, privatized, cash-starved power authority to reconnect them to the grid, so the anarchist organizer Christine Nieves founded Proyecto de Apoyo Mutuo, one of a dozen-odd cooperatives across the island to create their own solar grid; by the time the The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority finally put in appearance, Mariana had had power for two whole months.
While there’s been little proselytizing in Mariana, radical ideas are in the air. “What we have talked about is self-governance,” Nieves says, “and we’ve talked about self-organizing.” She uses the Spanish term autogestion, or self-management, which anarchists have advocated since the time of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, the 19th-century French philosopher who was the first to describe himself as an anarchist.

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