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Originally Posted by Sandy View Post
"saving fuel is NEVER worth risking an accident"
I like that statement.
while driving to save gas, I always watch the traffic around me
to be sure that anything I do is safe.
Yesterday we were behind a car that came up on a 'hypermiler' that was coming off an exit from the highway,
At 65 mph they closed in on our 'friend' doing about 30, very fast.
Fortunately the ramp was wide enough to pass (barely),
and we all got by,
but that was a very bad and dangerous method to say gas.
The car had cardboard skirts and some writing on it bragging about the great mileage,
but that would have been for naught, if he was crushed by that much bigger car going much faster.
Please . .
Save gas - wisely !
I agree that we all need to be safe with out actions, but it doesn't matter if you are driving 35 mph or 75 mph there are always going to be others on the roads to make them unsafe. As a general rule I drive about 50 mph around home on local trips and that is a fairly safe speed for the quality and condition of most of the roads I drive on, but almost every day I will have idiots to pass me in no passing zones simply because they are in too much of a hurry to wait for a passing zone where it is safe to pass. Lots of times when they pass you can't even see a 1/4 mile down the road. I don't think I should speed up 5 mph to be going the speed limit when I think I am driving a safe speed for the condition of the roads. Most of the time when I am driving on interstates I drive in the right lane at 55 mph and even on sections that are 4-5 lanes in each direction I will have people blowing at me rather than switching lanes and going on. If these people are so dumb they don't know how to switch lanes then they don't need to be driving and can just follow me at the speed I want to drive at. Call me a hard @$$, but that is just the way I feel about many drivers. My 17 year old son has only been driving about a year and is much safer than many out there that have been driving 25-30 years. If he sees a condition and he doesn't know whether it is safe or not he doesn't take a chance on getting himself hurt/killed or hurting/killing someone else.

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