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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
Oaky, I admit it was a sociological experiment. I posted one video by Styxhexenhammer and one by Steven Crowder.

One was dog-piled and one was ignored. I have my result. Thank you.

Maybe you have the bends? If you limit your thinking to 1995, you miss what has been reported since 2009. we've learned a lot from GOES16 in the last year.

For one, we know that Sunspot and Earthspots share a common mechanism.


The hurricane in the Philipines is 10x Florence (and headed straight for a reactor in China). I hope Niky is Okay.
The thing about sunspots,is,that they don't have anything to do with global warming,as concerns climatologists.
While solar irradiance DOES have a something to do with global warming,sunspots have very little to do with solar irradiance.
The maximum natural variability of solar irradiance is not of significant magnitude for which to explain the observed warming.
Between 1990 and 1995,some solar physicists were willing to give 'em the benefit of the doubt,but after 1995,there was no reason to explore 'other' explanations for warming,other than greenhouse gases.
Solar weather affects radio communications for awhile,GPS for awhile,and produces nitrates from upper atmospheric nitrogen,however nitrates have nothing to do with warming.
When the Sun's magnetic field pulls Earth out of it's orbit,hurtling it sun-wards,scientists will probably take notice.
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