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1995 halt

Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
Until 1995. Then everything screeches to a halt.
All I'm saying,is that once the effect of sulfate aerosols were added to the General Circulation Model,the model's output finally matched the 'paleo' record,from all the proxy data.And they didn't need anything other than greenhouse gases to explain it.
And as they've said,once you can get a model to work backwards,you've got something you can use going forwards.
And they just continue to tweak it, as new and better measurement data trickles in.
We know from the Younger Dryas,that Earth can undergo 'abrupt' climate change.
If we duplicate the conditions for which that occurred,we can expect the same result.And there's nothing in the paleo record to suggest that sunspots/earthspots had anything to do with any of it.
Once we have a handle on Fuel/Oxygen/and Ignition,we don't need to be in possession of much else to master the concept of fire.
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