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One Car Too Many

My son just bought a 2015 Volt, which means I now have five cars in a household with only four people.

I'm going to offer up my 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid for sale. No pictures to include just yet.

Vehicle is still using its original IMA pack. The pack throws an IMA light about twice per year; a deep discharge followed by an all-day grid charge sets it back to rights.

My HCH has the manual transmission. It works flawlessly. No unpleasant sounds, good clutch, shifts cleanly into all gears.

HVAC works very well. Replaced the AC clutch myself. Only topped up the refrigerant once or twice in the five years I've owned it, and my remaining 1-2 cans of refrigerant will go with the car. They're not compatible with my other vehicles.

All gauges and the stereo work well. Power windows and locks work.

Interior condition is good, not great. The headliner is drooping a bit in the center at the back, but has since I bought it and not gotten any worse. The upholstery condition is good, cushions are very firm.

Body condition is very good, not flawless. I have pine trees, which means I have pitchy spots. I'll try to get those off before shooting pictures.

All lights work well. Headlights were replaced with LED lamps, which are noticeably brighter than factory. Some interior lights have been replaced with brighter LED, especially in the trunk which is now extremely well lit.

With my son driving the fuel economy has been in the middle 40s, which is slightly above average for the model. My lifetime average before he started driving it is 49.58mpg, which is significantly above average for the model. It is an EXCELLENT long trips car, it is a dream on the Interstate, even better on fast back roads. This car rewards a smart driver on rolling hills with fuel mileage like you didn't think was possible for an unmodified HCH.

Whoops - mostly unmodified. I have added a partial pan under the engine, where the original engine underpan was torn off and discarded by some hamfisted oil change monkey.

I'll consider any reasonable offer above $1250. This is a good car that I think has a lot of life left in it, and for the price gets a driver into an extremely thrifty, practical car that can save him/her a lot of money vs. other, less economical choices.


"Reliability IS economy." - slowmover
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