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I'm pretty sure lean burn still works. Every now and then I feel a sudden jump in power and the instant MPG display drops. Usually on a long, slow incline. Leaving it be for a few seconds and then briefly letting off the gas gets the instant MPG back to where it was. I think that's lean burn dropping out to heat up the catalytic converter.

Aside from the IMA needing the occasional discharge and recharge, no problems. If I didn't already have a Prius I'd probably just keep driving this until the IMA finally dies, if it ever dies, and then replace it with a Bumblebee battery and keep going.

The car has been sold! It has gone to a fellow Ecomodder who recently dove DEEP into the hybrid pool, going in one year from a DD 4Runner to a couple of Insights, and added this for his college-bound youngun.

"Reliability IS economy." - slowmover

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