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I found this presentation quite interesting :

But I believe he accidently changed 90% for 99% when he said airplane fattalities are much lower today compared to the 70's.
Anyway we can't use the optimistc idea to forget about keep things getting better. And we can't use pessimism to cross arms and quit.

I confess that I'm being optimistic about batteries, like John Goodenough's battery (glass sodium), and the polemic about it appears imposible. I ask myself now :
Why a man of his reputation and fame, creator of battery we all use today, would at 95 years old throw away he image and respect he conquest among scientific comunity, why would he made hinself ridiculous, realesing a complete hoax ???
And it's not just hin, it's a entire team of researchers from a very respectable universiy.
There must be at least some true about his battery.

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