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Originally Posted by 19bonestock88 View Post
A 15% mandate fixes nothing. I’d say that if all gasoline were 15% ethanol there would be a lot of older vehicles damaged or taken off the road due to incompatibility... a lot of modern cars would be okay with only a slight loss in mileage, but I’d rather see more blend pumps than a mandate of 15% minimum
You bring up a good point about older vehicles. Obviously, poorer people tend to drive older vehicles, so they would be impacted the greatest, not only in terms of having car issues, but also in terms of paying more money for less energy in their fuel. It's a regressive (hurts the poor more than the wealthy) mandate.

I'm with you on choice, and I'd like to see more options too. The thing is, the market is free to offer any percentage of ethanol (as long as it has at least 10% ethanol now). A mandate takes away the choice of the market, it doesn't broaden it. By the way, people can make whatever blend they want by mixing some ratio of E85 to E10, and some people do experiment with the ratios.

E10 caused a lot of engine problems and brought down fuel economy everywhere, and for what benefit? Show me that E10 had a net benefit, and maybe the argument for E15 would make sense. My next question would be why is E15 the ideal ratio rather than something else, like E85, or E100?

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