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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Ethanol is garbage. The net benefit doesn't outweigh the net cost. People are throwing their lawnmowers away every year because the gas can't sit over winter without collecting water. The hoses dry and crack because they weren't made for alcohol.
Can't they drain the tanks and store the fuel on plastic jugs without breather vents for the moisture to get in?

It displaces food crops.
Not so far. Many residues from food processing could be turned into ethanol, and when it comes to corn-based ethanol the distillation-grain has its advantages when used to feed beef cattle and other livestock. Eventually, since most people nowadays eat more processed food instead of home-cooked meals, distillation-grain could also be used as a protein source for some food items that now resort to soybean-based protein which is more expensive and IIRC has a higher incidence of allergy.

Sure, if this were Brazil I'd be all about ethanol, but this isn't Brazil, and we don't grow cane sugar.
Corn-based ethanol alone may not "save the world", but it would be pointless to single it out. Trust me, I'm Brazilian and used to ethanol-powered cars since I was a child.
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