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There is no E15 mandate. In Iowa E0 is at almost every station, +20% more expensive than E10. If you don't have E0 available it's due to a local/state issue.

I think Minnesota put 10% in everything except off road use only fuel and doesn't even label it.

Car's have been E10 compatible for a long time, anything with FI and a O2 sensor has LTFT to compensate for different fuel energy content, I've got many a CEL light for too much E85 back to a 1998 Stratus to my Cobalt CEL is on today, when the LTFT (long term fuel trim get over 25 or so), takes greater than 50% ethanol to get it for all the car's I've owned. Never once has one of them run bad.

One of Brazils sugarcane advantage is after they crush it to get the juice out, they burn the left overs to power the facility and sell excess electricity. Corn ethanol plants could do that with the corn stover, but don't at this point. Natural gas/coal is easier.

And they only have to plant it once every 5 years.

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