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Rack average price in Iowa for E10 is $2.16 + 0.307 in taxes = $2.47 per gallon, at the pump running about $2.70-85. $.23-.38 profit.

Rack price for E70 is $1.50 + 0.29 taxes = $1.79, at the pump it's $2.20-50, $.41-.71 profit.

E83 can be purchased from one manufacture for $1.10, local station to that plant for $1.89(July price best I could find) $0.50 profit.

If E85 was priced with the same margin as E10 it would kick butt in $/mile. 20% spread is what my FFV cars needed to break even and that's where they price it for the most part.

Edit: Future contract price is $1.29 so add another $.20 to the E85 margin. State wide average was $1.27 was last month. $1.13 low to $1.41 high.

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