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I do have the possibility of getting a 3rd motorcycle. Still a few months away, but planning is already underway!

My top three choices are the twin spark SV650S(or SF if I can find one), the Yamaha SR400, or the new Honda Super Cub that is coming out soon.

The SV would be a great choice as its got a cool V-twin, has plenty of modability, and is the most suitable for the long distance sport touring riding I want to get into. The Yamaha is kick start only, winning mucho cool points, and its just a good looking bike all around but otherwise doesn't have all that much going for it. And the little cub, it definitely draws me in, but its got some problems that I would need to spend a good bit of money to rectify. First off, no manual clutch, which means no coasting. Second, it will be far slower than the other two bikes, the yamaha COULD be used for touring, but not this thing. Lastly, I am worried about its maximum lean angle, would it bottom out early??

I really do like the SV, and I do want to go on more long distance rides, so it sounds like I have already talked myself into it.

Onto potential mods I would be doing for the SV:

Shorten stock exhaust leaving CAT in place
DL 650 cam swap(put SV exhaust on intake, put DL exhaust on exhaust)?
^Buy all DL cams to match timing easily^
DL 650 intake trumpets
Hotter thermostat from 2003-2006 model
Block radiator partially
Block oil cooler completely
EDIT: Just discovered the SFV650 comes with a oil-water oil cooler, which should help oil warm up faster. Add that to the list!

16/39 gearing(or 16/38)
Michelin Road 5 tires
Brake drag reduction springs
Higher tire pressures

SF fairings
Aero front fender(might need front fork swap for options)
Space fairings out at end to ensure complete leg coverage
Rear tire hugger

Lowered pegs
Tank rubber(also for tank protection)
Better seat

Other: TeeRiver Fuelbot

Should be capable of some pretty awesome mpg!
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