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Originally Posted by steve05ram360 View Post
Update + question...
These tires have a 2 ply sidewall, 75 series tire, new to the market. Any issue running this tire with a heavy load? It is a 10 ply E rated tire. The alternate has a 3 ply sidewall.

Rolling resistance has dropped quite a bit, mpg appears to be making a comeback, 420+ miles on them. Still squirrelly .
“Plies” became a meaningless term several decades ago as to load rating. Same for several other designators.

“Load Index” is what to check.

An LR-E tire is about 121 on LI scale.

If the Load Index is right, then construction isn’t a concern per se

DESCRIPTION of service is how I’d concern myself. A tire with open shoulders and widely-spaced tread blocks won’t be ideal for highway service. Not enough tread to spread the heat, so to speak. The total amount of tread versus a proper highway tire is reduced. Greater stresses over a comparable area.

This is before handling or braking. Just rolling along at speed.

Under load, increase it again.

But let’s use perspective. First off, there is no such thing as a pickup safe to drive above 65-mph. That’s already a real stretch from speeds where rollover tendencies can be dealt with. Only fools drink moonshine and fumble with firearms.

A truck crippled for highway work by off-road tires should be even slower. Work with vehicle spec, not against it.

If the dummies whose selfishness denies the above had any working knowledge about personal vehicle travel (Average MPH) they’d likely be more reasonable. A trip somewhere has many aspects. A plan that works all pieces is the successful one.

Meaning, it’s more than cruise control set speed.

Drive as if tires won’t ever again be available. And it’s THIS pickup that has to someday get family to safety.

Improve the suspension & steering. Super Steer Rear Panhard Rod, plus smallest Helwig rear anti-roll bar (and upsize front smallest amount with same brand is necessary). Better than entry-level shock absorbers.

Zero steering play. So long as ANY is present your truck will always be “off”. Tire design only adds to that problem. It’s not the same any day as any other, and it never a constant. It’s a changing variable.

If you drove my 2WD you’d see. You’ve driven cars that had worse steering/handling. As you’re familiar with the man trans, what you can then do widens the envelope.

It’d be an eye-opener to you how fast my overhead MPG readout climbs into the low thirties and stays there on level terrain after a reset. I know the correction factor, and it isn’t much. Can stay right there when all other conditions are favorable.

Can you reach over to backseat while underway to pour coffee? Truck doesn’t wander away from lane center? That’s not a huge exaggeration, given how bad some Dodge 4WD trucks are to be found.

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