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Originally Posted by steve05ram360 View Post
Update + question...
These tires have a 2 ply sidewall, 75 series tire, new to the market. Any issue running this tire with a heavy load? It is a 10 ply E rated tire. The alternate has a 3 ply sidewall.

Rolling resistance has dropped quite a bit, mpg appears to be making a comeback, 420+ miles on them. Still squirrelly .
You've already received some replies that are .. uh .. let's say "a bit off the mark."

Since different materials can be used to make tires, the number of plies is irrelevant. So much so that the old way of defining things (Ply Rating: 8 PR, 10 PR, etc.) was replaced long ago (in the 1960's!) by Load Range (LR D, LR E, etc.). And then the Europeans came up with Load Index (117, 121, etc.) - except they still like to use PR!, which confuses things further, since LI varies with size.

You are using a larger than stock tire (more load carrying capacity), but at a lower inflation pressure (less load carrying capacity), so the answer to your question is "Probably OK!"

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