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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
You want to know at all those solar wind and interstellar cosmetic ray satellites have in common?
None of them study the interaction between the solar wind, cosmic rays and the upper atmosphere.

Pioneer, at 60AU nope.
CPME, is way up there well out side the atmosphere if I remember correctly.
Ulysses just kind of bounced around the solar system, no where near the earths atmosphere.

Gold and ICON are specifically going to study the interaction. Gold is going to measure the space weather at around 100,000 miles in real time, icon is going to monitor the effect on the upper atmosphere.

Why are you guys so eager to dismiss the thing that provides all of earths energy as being in no way responsible for climate change?

It seems to me all the believers are legitimately in fear of what icon and gold are going to find.
*You infer that scientists have ignored the sun.
*I've just given you 221 examples to the contrary.
*The IMP-8 satellite was in Earth orbit monitoring the solar wind as Gold and ICON will.
*Perhaps you didn't understand that most cosmic rays don't make it as far as Earth.
*Why is it that you can't get it into your head that only solar irradiance has anything to do with the energy budget?
*You seem to know a lot about the results of a mission that's yet to fly.
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