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oil companies

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Oil companies admit the climate is changing but insist man has nothing to do with it.
Admitting they are the cause is financial suicide.
Then every 2 bit world country is going to try and sue them for perceived damages.

I say the plant started warming 14,000 years ago and hasn't stopped and that the climate has been changing for at least the last 2.5 billion years and has never stopped.
Some of the largest oil companies were onboard with anthropogenic climate change,but when the US Government elected to do nothing about it,they figured that no one of significance took it serious enough to do anything,and what the heck!
And since there's still a $trillion worth of oil in the ground,why not go after that.
And the word is,that the Supreme Court has put a stay on the Children's Trust lawsuit,which was to go to Federal District Court,in Oregon,November,8,2018,so,so far,We The People, aren't as much of a 'people' as a 14th Amendment, multinational corporation.
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