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Yeah the concern is the sidewall flex. It stinks. If I stick with this size, going to go over to the Toyo Open Country AT2, 3 ply sidewall. If not, going back to a 70 series tire. These tires are not fun under hard braking and I often get the feeling of driving a boat behind another boat & crossing a wake. Weird feeling.

MPG wise it also is not that great... took an approx 2 mpg hit. The 5+ # per tire takes its toll on the hills on the front side. The back side does not offer enough coasting speed to make up for the front side loss.

As I mentioned earlier (I think) the last time I ran this size tire with crappy programming I was getting 21~22 all day long on the hiway. Not seeing that with this one and I feel the tread is sticky more so than the other tire for its 3 peak snow rating.

A winter time goal was to keep the mpg up there in the ~22 mpg range regardless of temps. Looking at adding a secondary fuel heater with some sort of automated control to get temps up into the 85~90ish range. Additionally, the oil filter heater on cold starts only with the goal to get oil temps up faster & reduce the overall warmup time. Commute is 30ish miles in the morning. I still have some aero mods to play with that I did not get to over the summer.
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