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The problem is that as long technology solve problems, the stupid human race manage to create new problems.

If we solve global resources as fuel fossil, using electricity, super batteries, hydrogen fusion, people will keep growing in number, and hunger will be a problem, and they will start vertical production of food with artificial light,m and require more energy, more space, more power plants.
Disease will be better solved, so it turn people to grow more, as less will die. Solve many diseases of old age as 75 years old or 80 years old? But they will live up 110 and there will be problems more dificult at such age.

Took Africa. Do you believe such cultures, agressive and less develope in mind and industry, will in short term manage to get really better ? I don't think so. It will keep growing in number like crazy, and eveybody who courage to talk about birth controll politics will be labelled as nazist. Africa will grow and became in dependance of other countries for food and therapeutic drugs.

Technology evolve but people keep going more retard. Society (poor and rich countries) will be a monkey (no race intention here) driving Goerge Jetson's car.

It will be surprise if in future, with robots, many people live in a kind of virtual reality, connected on it, living virtual lifes, with computers with brain connections, and their bodies will be connected to machine to feed and collect excrements.

And I bet idiots will start to say that technology it's a kind of magic, since they will be so fool and technology so complicated, that they will not believe it is just technology.

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