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oil companies

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Oil companies admit the climate is changing but insist man has nothing to do with it.
Admitting they are the cause is financial suicide.
Then every 2 bit world country is going to try and sue them for perceived damages.

I say the plant started warming 14,000 years ago and hasn't stopped and that the climate has been changing for at least the last 2.5 billion years and has never stopped.
From Losing Earth:
*In 1968 oil companies figured climate change effects were 38-years out,and that by the time things showed up on the radar screen,the current generation of employees would all be retired.
*Henry Shaw emphasized to Exxon executives,that cost of inattention will rise in step with the Keeling curve.
*In 1978,and Exxon internal memo warned that only 5-10 years remained before policy action would be necessary.
*1st Congressional hearing on carbon dioxide was April 3,1980.
*October,1980,only way to avoid worst,stop burning coal.
*'' William Elliott of NOAA doubts that any scientific report,no matter how ominous it's predictions,would persuade politicians to act.
*" President Carter calling for a $80-billion synfuels program.
*'My God,with $80 billion,you could have a photovoltaics industry going that would obviate the need for synfuels forever.' Anthony Scoville,Congressional Science Consultant.
*'I think there is a transition period,... We are not going to stop buning fossil fuels and start looking toward solar or nuclear fusion and so on.We are going to have a very orderly transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.'Henry Shaw,Exxon (Mobil).
*'If the changes don't occur for a decade or more,those in attendance can't be blamed for failing to prevent them,so what's the problem? David Slade,Director,Office off Carbon Dioxide Effects,D.O.E.
*November,1980,General Electric Corporation & Zapata Offshore Oil Company,elected to White House.
*January,1981,Reagan declares war on solar energy.
*American consumers respond with:
Broncos,Blazers,Suburbans,F-150s,Troopers,Samurais,Sidekicks,Land Rovers,Dakotas,Rams,Sierras,Roadmasters,Caprices,T own Cars..................
*October 19,1983,Bush's William Nierenbeg,Chairman,Committee,National Academy of Sciences argues,first,take immediately action against carbon dioxide,then reverses himself,arguing no urgent need.
*Exxon throws it's hands up,revises it's position.If Academy isn't freaking out why should they.
*Duane LeVine's Exxon internal strategy paper on 'uncertainty'.
*Exxon' Working Group on Global Climate Change,created by Duane LeVine.
*Exxon goes on to spend $30-million on disinformation campaign against climate change.
*with help from API,Global Climate Coalition,US Chamber of Commerce,Competitive Enterprise Institute,14-other trade associations (coal,gas,electric power,automakers)
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