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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
But they are correct in their understanding of the relationship of energy and economy where they realize that our current debt based system cannot tolerate any major reduction in access to energy that curtails the growth that is necessary to cover the long term interest payments without which the world monetary system will crash and wipe out all savings and starve a billion people.
Unless we find a whole new way toward an equitable de-growth society.
We'll all annex one another and end up with Star Fleet Command in charge of the whole planet.
One flag.
One currency.
No currency markets.No currency speculation.
We'll have the entire planet for collateral.
All Earthlings will own at least an apartment,or cottage.They can trade or swap,or whatever,but they can never be without shelter.
They'll be fed.It may not be Surgeon Black Caviar,but they'll have nutrition.
There won't be any obesity.
There won't be any heart disease.
There won't be any property tax.
No usury.
They'll be so much disposable income available,that money issues will be meaningless.
We won't need entitlements,as everyone's basic needs will be met.
No inflation.
To much to list,but don't worry about debt.
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