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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
One of their biggest selling points is that they contain no toxic heavy metals.
As far as I know at the very least most states have laws requiring lead acid batteries be recycled.
The reason they are recycled because they are around 90% by weight toxic heavy metal. It is the best and worst things about them.
Forcing the UNeconomic recycling of lithium batteries will just make them more expensive.
Years ago,as Lithium-ion was emerging,the talk was,that Lithium is readily recyclable,will have enough value as scrap,to incentivize recycling,and would be recycled as Neil mentioned,as an efficiency measure.
Lead peroxide,PbSO4,which comprises the plate material in a lead-acid battery is a neurotoxin,and if released into an environment with low enough pH,will leach out,polluting ground water/aquifers.
You wouldn't want children chewing on it,or breathing any dust from it,so it's good to control it,and best to recycle it,as long as the smelter doesn't release airborne material,and I'd bet that Federal oversight,would prevent that from becoming a reality.
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