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Originally Posted by niky View Post
What's funny is that you can't even take those old measurements at face value. Variability in testing sites, equipment and conditions.

I believe I shared in here several months ago a discussion of tidal gauges, and the debate among researchers as to what the proper correction factors are for those gauges against satellite measurements.

What stood out is the realization that the lithosphere is truly a plastic thing. When you measure water levels, you're measuring them against gauges that will move up and down with the land it is on as the land rises or sinks due to any number of reasons... tectonic plates moving against each other, or rising or sinking due to the weight of ice or water, underground water, etcetera.

When people see a vast scientific conspiracy to "hide the truth", I laugh. Getting thousands of scientists to conspire on anything would require lobby money on the level of... well... oil companies.

That those companies are instead funding the denialists tells you something. They'd rather not waste their money building a majority consensus. More effective to create the illusion of conspiracy.

I was looking through some of the links. One scientist, on his blog complains that - personally knowing one of the scientists quoted - the guy was being taken out of context.

There are genuine skeptics there who propose that there are greater forcings than carbon, but they don't deny the data outright. Not like the politicians who composed the report do.

Increased warmth. Melting?
*I was referring to,what I believe they've called 'foehn' winds,which have gained in intensity, such that the increased snow,due to increased evaporation,are blowing the snow off the glaciers before it has an opportunity to collect.
*And yes,it's due to increased warming at the poles.
*And yes,there's unprecedented melting,most of which is occurring below sea level,as the warmer Antarctic water eats away at glacial grounding line.
*Also,as the ice goes away,the continent is gravitationally-rebounding upwards,as the weight of the ice mass diminishes.
*As this area of the world is also the home of volcanoes,volcanologists have concerns that stress from the tectonic rebound could trigger magma plug rupture,leading to explosive eruptions,which certainly would not be welcome,from an ice melting/sea-level rise perspective.
*Ash plumes ascending to the stratosphere could transport sulfate aerosols,which could mitigate some of the warming until they settle though.
What a can of worms!
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