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Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
Why were oil companies lying about climate change since at least the 1970's - and now they acknowledge it is happening because of burning fossil fuels?

Could it be that those who are profiting from fossil fuels have been funding the FUD and the conspiracy theories?
A number of journalists have named some names,and institutions.
R.J.Reynolds Tobacco Company provided the playbook template for 'disinformation'/'denial','controversy',reinterpretation of data,doubt.etc..
'Doubt is Our Business',the book,addresses the mechanisms used to sow doubt.
The most important target is to spend millions delaying regulations,and reap billions for the effort.
*Congressmen are used.
*Lobbyists distribute the finances.
*Think tanks provide the outcome-based pseudo-science.
*Super-Pacs work through the political process to get like-minded politicians elected,which will do their bidding once elected.
*State election oversight committees are stuffed with PAC-approved appointees.
*The Federal Election Committee is stuffed with enough like-minded appointees that all the elections can be 'legally' rigged.
*The Supreme Court is stuffed with like-minded justices which can rule in favor of the PACs,like the stay of trial for the Children's Trust lawsuit,in Federal District Court,which was supposed to go to trial November,8,2018,in Oregon.
*The corporate news broadcasters won't even mention this case,so as not to offend the automakers and fossil-fuels companies which finance the Network's profits through advertising revenue.(don't bite the hand that feeds you)
It's delicious!
*The public school teacher,who's retirement pension will be funded from fossil fuel industry profits, is careful never to mention to the student body, the fossil-fuel money trough the educational system feeds from.
*Municipal,County,State government employees ditto.
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