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scientific lies

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Yes scientists lie.
It's called conflict of interest, you may have heard of this.
When a study is done and the scientists know where the money for the study comes from they find a result favorable to company funding the study at least 2/3 of the time.
Tobacco companies did this.
The worst one were studies paid for by sugar companies on sugar and any adverse health effect, studies funded by big sugar companies found that sugar had no adverse effects in 100% of studies over a 15 year period, which is statistically impossible.
Funding conflict of interest is very well known. I find it surprisingthat people who think they know so much about science have never heard of this.

I drive a leaf. The oil companies can kiss my arse.

The money me and my wife spend on gas had dropped by at least 80%.
I've been looking at an issue of Nature,and one of the articles is addressing scientific fraud 'n such.
*They've caught scientists plagiarizing one another's research work.
*They've caught researchers just making things up wholesale.
*They've advocated not only fining the scientists to the tune of like $10,000 each,they've also advocated fining the university,or research organization for letting the fraudulent work of their people leak out.
Bogus material,passing as legitimate,peer-reviewed science,making its way into public domain data-bases and archives,if unapprehended,can throw researchers off base for decades to come,wasting incalculable time and resources.
What a mess!
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