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Originally Posted by RedDevil View Post
Suddenly it all becomes clear to me.

Scientists lie. They have a vested interest in not telling the truth. They aren't in it for the good of the world, oh no; it is profit, and only profit that drives them.

On the other hand we have the enlightened bosses of the fossil fuel industry and the shareholders in their companies. They only want to do their corporate best, and let their commercial interest rule their actions - because it is good. A financial gain means a healthy company, and healthy companies lead the way to a healthy world. And their song of praise is just what the SUV and truck buying folks want to hear, how convenient. Don't let those stories about building pollution spoil the day - all that negativity is bad for you. It is bad to say those bad things, so burning fuel must be good. Only trying to save the world and protect the right to burn oil as fast as we can.
Follow the money.

It leads to the fossil fuel companies. Who earn more profits than any industry, in history.
Sincerely, Neil
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