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"Creepy old lady" at drugstore.

Today I presenced a a anoying or even disturbing thing.

I was in a drugstore, and near the balcony a old lady (maybe near 80 years old) started to look at me direct, for a long time without blink, direct to my eyes. When I notice she was doing so much I looked her, in her eyes, to see if she stoped doing it at me, but she keept looking, and I asked as a gentleman with a interogation face: "Anything wrong ???" She said : Nothing wrong, and keept looking, and gave a small short laugh (not sure if as scoff or as surpise) and after some time stoped looking, but started again for a few more and quite. Then she took her stuff and moved away with her friend (also a old lady).
And no, she hadn't any sight of Alzeheimer.

I was a bit puzzled... What the heck she was doing and why ???
I use long hair, like was a vocalist in rock band. Maybe in my city there are a lot of ignorant people who found it weird, despite most be cowards and just make gossip about and lie. Since 60's many man use long hair, but still today people think it's something wrong,like man would be forbbiden to.

Or maybe this old creppy was just another idiot in my city with bad feelings against me due the incidente when I direct and fast ignored a paper notice some girl asked her friend to deliver to me. Maybe it's weird to you on USA and Europe to understand, but a lot of people got angry, very angry with me for this, while a lot of evil man who use women, cheat women, are saw as normal people. In my city, and probably in most of my country (Brazil), they think it's a nearly crime a man desided to be alone or rejected a women without had used her.

What pass in the mind of such old people?
Well, they are suposed to be more moralist than young generation. But what moralism is this where they "moralist generation" accept man who cheatin and act as cretins, using women as objects and discharge as a empty tin can of beverage, but they feel angry about man who refuse a offered/easy girl?

How can people be so irrational, so contraditory, so ilogic?
Maybe old generation women was nearly forced or almost constrained to accept horrible mans as husband, to mary young, and in a way to protect their minds, to feel some dignity, they believe man must be that way, otherwise it would be admit their life was subservient, not free, domesticated.

But a lot of young women also have these things against me, despite they be a generation quite promiscuous and cheater. It'sm like many women prefer or respects more cre...tin man than honest reserved man.

It's like the tale where a eskimo killed a anthropologist, who visit hin but refused his food (whale fat) and refused his wife (yes they ofered their wifes to guests).
Maybe it's remainders from the very old culture of "pay dowry", where the family of a girl gave money to allow someone marry their daughter, and where the refuse would be seen a large offence, like ofense to the ware in a bussiness.

Please tell if there is something even with 20% of such stupidity mentality anywhere on USA and Europe.

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