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Clothing? Like formal, formality, correctness, like the impression gave by a man in a suit?
I didn't born with clothes... ;-)

Do you think my behavior and values don't fit to my appearance?

My city it's weird. 200.000 people, 4 or five universities (despite most not good), and people still have a mentality of country people from early days. Even people with education, and sometimes even people who lesson in colegue have some of these "daggers of the mind".

And some crazy one start gossip and creates cabsurd rumors, like a female dentist and Krav Maga fighter teacher, who in a very quite day, with very low noise on streets, a huge silence, gossip to her friend when both was passing by my side on sidewalk of a park: " Don't look at hin or you will fall in love for hin"
She uses to teach Krava Maga and so she shouts a lot, and forget to reduce enough her voice, forget to whisper low, when she gossip to her friend. This same Krav Maga woman other two earlier ocasions passed by me and had a strange face expression, like afraid or anxious a bit.

This crazy people it's like that, one start a complete absurd irrational gossip, and many others believe it. What will be the next absurd? Acuse me of withcraft or have supernatural powers??? I saw other girls passing by me and turning view to the other side, with a bit scared face. Others with a bit angry face.

I had a dizzness problem a few years ago, due a turbulent blood flow on ear, and lasted a lot of time, created a deep disconfort to me. Things was so bad that moving things in front, or people moving in front coming to my direction, would make me feel lose balance, even cars headlight moving, coming in my direction, and to reduce the balance loss I had to take away my view from such things, move head out. I'm much better today, but it was a hell to exercise, walking fast, during these dizzy times. But a lot of people started to believe I was being arrogant, moving view away from them. And after fast refuse the note paper sent by a girl (by her friend), in a dizzy anoying day bad mood, they imagine I was ultra arrogant. So all the girsl who flirted with me in the large park probably took the pain of the girl refused by me (and I don't even know who is the girl).

So maybe this "don't look hin or you will fall for hin", this gossip, it maybe could also be some crazy revenge strategy. Maybe they know more people will do this believing in some superstition near supernatural thing, than would if they just tried to make them angry about me.
Since I meet few people and don't know much people, people never tell me things, so It's hard to me to discover what's really going on.

So... Had the old lady at drugstore heard about the "don't look at hin" gossip ??? And laugh about found nothing, no "powers" to shake her nerves ?

USA people, when have problem with someone, tend to tell the problem, approach and tell, or even create a discussion or confront. But brazilian people are more coward, prefer to gossip and just that.

Originally Posted by slowmover View Post
Appear like the man you were born. Grooming and clothing. No ambiguity.

Or continue to attract undesirable attention from undesirable sexual partners. Your “display” is apparently humorous to some. That old woman no longer feels social pressure to hide her curiosity. I’ve seen that before.

Spare us the character versus appearance falsehoods. If you wish to go against the grain, expect that as you age you will have less energy to dissipate.

The problem isn’t the mirror.


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