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IR & CO2 max

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
At what concentration does the IR absorbing green house gas effect of CO2 max out?

The believers don't care about carbon dioxide capture.
In 2012 anti pipe liners stopped the first commercially viable CO2 capture. The scheme was to take CO2 seperated from Colorado natural gas production, pipe it to through new Mexico to old oil wells in west texas.
The idea was to pump CO2 into depleted oil wells to drive off oil.
It would have taken at least 20lb of CO2 to drive off each gallon of oil at first, then more and more CO2 would be needed over time to get each gallon of oil.

But no the so called environmentalists got their way and the CO2 is just off gassed into the atmosphere.
This could have kicked off large scale CO2 capture programs.
Without my notes,CO2 on Venus constitutes around 90% of the atmosphere.The temperature is 844F,day and night,with continuous 200-mph winds.This would illustrate climate dynamics near the upper limit.

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