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It wasn't just look, she stare, direct to my eyes, and repeated two times after I polished ask if there was something wrong, and laughed a bit in low tone. It was weird.

I assume it could be something negative because I know how "natives" (all colors) plus incoherent are the people in this city.
Some old people also got angry about me when I direct refused to accept a note sent by some interested girl (by her friend) in the park where I exercise. The old people also repeted the gesture indicating I was arrogant.
I remmamber some old people, in some public exercise devices, droped the handle of the machine just to look at me and make the gesture to express they feel I was very arrogant.

I know the gesture meaning cause I remamber a guy and his friend, one commenting to the other that I was arrogant and he should make such gesture when see me passing by (he made ther gesture teaching his friend and laghing told hin to make it when see me). And in the apogee of this period, of people angry with me, I could count dozens of this gesture every day I went top exercise, and the people who made was increasing to get more outer of the park zone and growing to other zones, as gossip spreeded.
It's not any paranoia of mine, since this effect reached a maximum level and after some time start reducing. There still some of it, but a lot less.

Like I said, if I was a horrible man, a who cheat and use women as beer cans, nobody would be angry about, not even women, since a lot of guys who are like this have no problem. Women, old and even new, even some who post feminist facebook memes, have this absurd incoherence as a dagger encrusted deep into their brains, like a "Robocop directive".

It was so fast I assume they used facebook to spreed it. I remamber a women passed in front of me, at the time, and her back to me raise his iphone pointing the camera to me.

I remamber about four people who shout to me, 2 in the interval of weeks after the note refuse, and 2 later. One in a motorcycle, like a mad, first reduced speed, making the motorcycle near me in low speed, looking to me, and shouting asking if I was angry and saying I was a asshole. The other was walking in a park track a few meter away, and looked to me and shout "Look to me, I'm the perfect one, the very perfect guy, the big perfect...", refferinmg to me in a accusing way, and while the tracks (mine and his) got distant, he stoped, and when my track crossed his, minutes after, he started again.
In other ocasion two teens, one boy and a girl, started shout I was a shi...t, when I passed in front of them and looking to a store next side of the sidewalk.
Other, in another ocasion, shout I was a rascal and that I would move away.
Other person didn't shout, but one day I was with flu or alergy, and sneezed (achoo), and a few days later one guy look me and faked a 4 concecutive sneeze (pronouncing the word achoo) in a angry loud tone.
It was bullyng from angry people that I don't know. Some few agressive in shouts, and a lot just making gestures, like it was a fashion movement on internet, but a movement against reserved man who dislike a vulgar society.

My country are in sensitive political era, since impeachment of the president and countless corruption scandals, and society are splited in right and left wingers, or better saying, left haters and right haters. I presume some left imagine I was right wing because I was direct and serious (refusing the note) and maybe imagine racism (because the girl who tried to give me the note was afro descending), or right wingers imagine I was left wing and gay due long hair and refuse a girl. And even left winger could be angry because in their minds a short direct refuse to a girl it's sexism, a offense to women sexuality, a prejudice, despite a woman making 10x worse would be just a powerfull woman in her rights. I 'm know the left haters against me are from the university near the park, and I bet maybe even some left wing teacher incentivated they to do it.
One guy on a gym I also went years earlier, a teacher at that university, and he despite be left use to anoy me because I didn't wanted anything with anyone, he felt anoyded by my reservation. Left hypocrite he was, refered to women making a gesture of a pu...y using both hands, saying anoyed and loud to me : "Im talking about this !!!"
People are so much fake and hypocrity today...

Now think with me. If was the case of a comunity hostilize a women just because she turned down a man that she didn't even know, it would be a worldwide news, and feminist groups would make the hell out in protests and the city would be called New Afghan by the press.
But nobody care for man's rights. I care for women rights a lot, but women don't care for my rights.

Funny thing it's that horrible man here have right to be horrible, but I have no rights to be decent & reserved. It's like some seller offer me milk shake with many sugar, and if I refuse and said that prefer health fruits, and they start accuse me of have prejudice againt milshake or againt the seller, metaphorically speaking.

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Why do you assume the old woman makes preconceived notions about you? Maybe she just looked at you longer than you'd like someone to look.

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