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Originally Posted by curiosity View Post

Do you realise that Dupont ended up buying Slick-50?

There have been a variety of products marketed by various companies under the brand label "Slick 50." Currently, the only one on the market is owned by ITW Global Brands, which has a stable of automotive products including Gumout and RainX. Previously, Slick 50 was owned and marketed by Shell, which acquired it when it bought Quaker State, which was fined by the FTC in 1997 for making false and misleading claims about the product. A company called Xcelplus (which appears to be defunct) tried to bring their own Slick 50 to market in 2004, claiming it was the original formula and that the Shell brand was a copy. As far as I can find, Dupont does not now and never had ownership of the Slick 50 brand.

Also, the post you responded to is 8 years old....

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