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Originally Posted by bradlington View Post
I have been trying various fuel saving methods and ultimate aim is cleaner exhaust and saving fuel .

So far I have made my own spiral hho which really helps the exhaust emission and looking at getting a dry cell to make a permanant install.
I have also experimented with fuel vaporizor and bubbler before hho .
Do you have an actual method of measuring emissions? Make sure your intake and EGR valve are clean. That should help emissions and fuel economy. As far as driving to reduce emissions, utilizing the 100+ hypermiling tips will get you a good reduction in outright emissions. Avoid letting off the throttle quickly to reduce unburned hydrocarbons. Using that block heater will help reduce unburned fuel and might help light off the catalytic converter quicker.

Originally Posted by bradlington View Post
I have seen very little on the net where anyone had used multiple methods to achieve the goals.Most are videos of achievement of installing , but no follow up to give monthly or cause and effect .

Little frustrating but hope someone has some good input.
Thanks in advance
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Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Considering they didn't follow up, that would make me extra suspicious.
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