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I did not see anything novel in that PDF, but it was like reading a textbook. Tax carbon, subsidize electric cars, and accelerate installation of wind and solar farms, as well as nuclear and natural gas. Replace petroleum products with biomass, biofuel, and hydrogen. Install 10,000 carbon sequestration sites and reforest an area the size of Brazil.

I still do not agree that burning biomass is carbon neutral. Leave the carbon in the ground. Don't release it back into the atmosphere! Biofuel and natural gas would also release carbon dioxide. Even if you use 100% wind and\or solar to generate hydrogen and you split water and natural gas, you still need to deal with hydrogen embrittlement.

I absolutely support replanting forests. Since people claim that grass sequesters more carbon than trees (which does not make any sense), I would advocate for planting lawns on rooftops. You would not need to worry about the weight of thirty-foot tall trees with roots trying to run twenty feet deep, just six inches!

Except people probably want rooftop solar.
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