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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
This morning,on Deutche-Velle TV,from Berlin,they said that VW will be converting 3-manufacturing plants over to EV production.They've cut a deal with SK Innovation,South Korea to supply the packs.
Europe already offers 25-different EVs on the market.
Jaguar will offer EV variants for half their models by 2025.
Mercedes-Benz expects 65% of their sales to be EVs by 2040.
ICE has been banned in a number of countries for the near future.
Looks like electric is hitting it's stride.
EV is being forced. Period. Itís nothing but greater control.

Howís your social credit score?

Oh, no local suppliers, and online wonít accept your order.

EV is more of the same. (Sorry, no charging for you. Anywhere).

One can argue content, but itís who determined context that mattered.

Who, whom.

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