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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Fast charging is a farce. In fact, I'll call it Farce Charging from now on.

It isn't fast. Fast is beginning "refuelling", walking inside to use the restroom, and walking back outside just as the vehicle completes "refueling". 3 minutes is fast; an hour is not.

Since it is not fast, the problem of availability is compounded. The chargers sit empty 99% of the time, but then when holiday travel has everyone using them, a long queue forms as the overloaded infrastructure slowly completes each charging session.

There's no money to be had in charging infrastructure, because as I said, it sits unused 99% of the time. People don't want to spend more than they would for gasoline for a product that takes an hour to dispense.

Fast charging will have to actually be fast for widespread adoption of EVs to occur. Either that, or gasoline will have to get extremely expensive.
I wasn't about fast charging but local charging points. We are nearing the point that you don't have to look for charging points, there will almost always be one close to wherever you'd like to park.
So unless you travel beyond battery range you won't need fast charging anyway. And if you do, there's no point in waiting longer than you need to reach the destination.

For me, I need a break after 2 hours of driving. A quarter of an hour, half an hour. That would give me a reasonable extention to the range. I might need more charge than that, but up to that point it is a no loss situation.
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