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Musk have crocodile tears... For me he faked it. Not very good actor to deceive me. I think he is a narcissist, no empathy really.
He can be usefull as he like to do technologic advances, but make it to be on focus, get attention.

For narcissist, after more than 10 billions money it's no more a need, but attention and goals are the targets.
Like Steve Jobs, another narcissist, he like to humiliate employes and to be on focus, do watever he wants without really give a damn.

Originally Posted by sendler View Post
Musk teared up when she told him electricity is so expensive there that some people were forced to choose between paying for enough AC to survive, and paying for food. He really cares very deeply about the future of humanity and carries a heavy weight. He responded solemnly "We will try harder". No wonder he has been acting a bit crazy lately.
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