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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Well India now believers that galactic cosmic rays and El Nino are the major climate drivers for their sub content.
Not even going to waste my time linking the research paper since the believers will just deny and cling to their 20 year old study about the suns UV irradiance only changing by around 0.1%.

The belief that man as the driving force behind climate change is over.
Happened a lot faster than I thought it would. I figured it would be some time after 2020.

Citation needed.


Because I doubt you actually read through whatever you read.

Because here:

Cosmic Rays and Climate | ScienceBits

...the author very clearly acknowledges that anthropogenic-led warming is still real, and discusses the contributions of cosmic rays on a geological time scale (read: predictable, cyclical variations). The only argument here is the percentage of recent warming caused by cosmic rays. That doesn't seem at all like a repudiation of AGW. So I sincerely hope you will share your find with us.

Also, LOL, El Nino is a known factor. The cyclical variation between El Nino and La Nina are what caused the "pause" that denialists kept harping about in the last decade... it's already a known factor.


As an aside, I've been hearing about the link between cosmic rays and mass extinctions for the longest time. Interesting stuff.
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