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Originally Posted by mpg_numbers_guy View Post
Only getting higher winter economy numbers because I have a hybrid battery probably. Driven the same way you would easily beat me due to your familiarity with the vehicle. I'm just trying to drive it without stalling it right now. And wait, you're in Michigan right now??
Yeah, my fuel economy numbers have improved every year, all else equal. In Detroit for the weekend, might see you at an Insight meet someday if you're into that sort of thing.

Originally Posted by mpg_numbers_guy View Post
Wait really? Gr! Is this something that can be hacked/overridden? I couldn't find a "button" beneath the brake pedal like I think I remember you saying there was on, say, your 2000. Is it just a more complicated wiring thing or what? I seriously want a regen switch to help with charging the battery.

What other differences do the '05 and '06 have compared to the older models?
I should clarify, the regen button still works. It's the clutch switch (also called calpod) which functions differently - depressing the clutch switch only prevents regen and not assist. A MIMA would work around this. There are actually a lot of more advanced IMA mods I never got into.

Off the top of my head:

-No oil/coolant heat exchanger in the 05-06. People have deleted these on earlier models and seen no consequences. Presumably with one you can get warmer oil faster and prevent it from overheating in very spirited driving, but it probably also adds a few pounds of weight.

-Three O2 sensors rather than two in 2001(?). Stricter emissions related. No effect on economy. I think the O2 sensors might have been different in every year of the car too. Careful if they ever need replacement.

-Sightly different computer programming every year for both main ECU and battery computers. Earlier cars had a few recalls for reprogramming to "improve" battery management and increase battery lifespan, but some speculate the had a small negative effect on economy. I know for certain very early cars could use 20-80% of the battery and it was later changes to 40-80% to greatly improve battery lifespan.

Even so, many computers are interchangeable.

-PCV valve is different on my 2000 than my friend's 2005, I expect the newer one is a better design.

-Aforementioned clutch switch behavior changes, unknown reason.

-In 2001 or 2002 they reduced the number of clips holding the exterior A-pillars on, presumably to make windshield replacement easier. It's common for shops to not reattach these trim pieces correctly especially in 2000 model years, and for them to blow off on the highway after a windshield replacement.

-Tan/beige interior rather than grey and black and the seats got sporty-looking holes in the head rests. I like the 00-04 interior colors better but ymmv.

-Rear speakers became standard in 2004(?)

-Different paint options for various years. I know the blue is much darker in later years. Citrus was no longer available. Silver and red might or might not be slightly different shades. I like the later silver better.

-Probably quit coming with a tape deck.

-In the 2000 model year A/C was optional and the CVT did not exist yet.

-OBD2 port moved from passenger footwell to underneath the steering wheel.

I know for certain my 2000 would not go into lean burn with the Arduino IMA bypass, while most others reported their cars did.

Originally Posted by mpg_numbers_guy View Post
What about the fact that it discharges from full to 60% rapidly upon anything more than light assist?

Hard to say. The battery gauge doesn't reflect what's really going on, nor do the assist and regen gauges. Sometimes you'll really have 1 bar of regen for miles but it won't show up. Full and empty on the battery gauge are generally ~40% and ~80% actual charge in the battery, but halfway down may or may not be 60%. I'd prefer if they were more honest, but presumably Honda had their reasons. Much like how fuel gauges aren't linear?
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