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the green machine :P - '97 Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ
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I'm currently doing Uber and Lyft, and took over payments on my brothers chevy Cruze to do it. in the Cruze just before they switched to winter fuel I was getting 46-48MPG pretty consistantly!! Now I'm only getting around 38mpg!!

What I did to get 46, was to increase the tire pressure to 44psi, dropped the oil weight to 0w20, and used amsoil signature sieges so that I didn't have to change the oil but every 25,000 miles. I also t to the amsoil fuel economy ATF oil.

just those have allowed me to get 46-48mpg consistently, and to drastically reduce the maintenance needed will driving Uber and Lyft. I'm planning on testing out cryogenically processing the wheel bearings, drum breaks, and break rotors to see if I can increase fuel economy more by trying to reduce wheel friction!!
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