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Originally Posted by Xist
When I lived in California I was taught that negative numbers were impossible...
I always joke about celebrating Columbus day by putting three boats in someone else's back yard....
Then there was the teacher that taught us that oxygen was Oh, because...
I was taught Algebra in ninth grade, but never how to balance a checkbook...
I was taught to cook, but not how to eat healthy,
I had woodshop, but that was the only time...
I had a metalworking class. Guess who has never worked with metal....
Changing a tire is easy enough that I figured it out when I was in high school,...
Who teaches kids to purchase new Chryslers and trade them in the next year? Who teaches kids to study whatever they want in college and then do something else? much maintenance can you do with a $10 set of tools?
Do people learn basic life skills?
Off yer meds on the 24th?

All Darc -- I didn't bring my headphones to the library, but those appears to be T. Townsend Brown's drawings. Wasn't that technology incorporated into the B-2 bomber? It used the jet exhaust to bleed off the accumulated charge.

Going outside is one of life's simple pleasures.
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