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Originally Posted by Lemmy View Post
I get it alright, there is no need to be patronising.

I would suggest that it's you who doesn't get it. If you're truly interested in efficiency you wouldn't be wasting resources on 'comfort'. Expending resources, no matter how minor, on something that is not essential is not efficient - it's frivolous. Each time we do so we bring closer the day when the resources will no longer exist to be used on genuinely useful stuff.

I spend zero on preheating a car cabin in the name of comfort by simply putting it away when its not in use, and then dressing appropriately for the Winter weather when venturing forth. Minus high teens Celsius is quite common in the Winter here, so the challenges faced by myself are comparable, and I do just dandy without wasting a joule of energy. I've addressed the problem, not the symptom.

If you're genuinely interested in efficiency then I challenge you to better that, or to at least make an effort to match it. Using precious energy to pre heat a cars cabin, no matter how cunningly the task is approached, is not efficient - its wasteful, and there is simply no other way to describe it with out being disingenuous.

Better still, look at the journey being considered before even preheating a car. Can it be walked or achieved by other means? Is it necessary to use a xxxx-kg car with 3 or 4 empty seats in the first place? When you start thinking along those lines, then you'll genuinely start to be using resources efficiently.

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