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Originally Posted by Lemmy View Post
I get it alright, there is no need to be patronising.

I would suggest that it's you who doesn't get it. If you're truly interested in efficiency you wouldn't be wasting resources on 'comfort'. Expending resources, no matter how minor, on something that is not essential is not efficient - it's frivolous. Each time we do so we bring closer the day when the resources will no longer exist to be used on genuinely useful stuff.

If you're genuinely interested in efficiency then I challenge you to better that, or to at least make an effort to match it. Using precious energy to pre heat a cars cabin, no matter how cunningly the task is approached, is not efficient - its wasteful, and there is simply no other way to describe it with out being disingenuous.

Better still, look at the journey being considered before even preheating a car. Can it be walked or achieved by other means? Is it necessary to use a xxxx-kg car with 3 or 4 empty seats in the first place? When you start thinking along those lines, then you'll genuinely start to be using resources efficiently.
Kindness is not something I concern myself with, but instead truthfulness, so I'm not sure patronizing much describes my behavior.

Everything we do is in vain, and therefore everything we do is frivolous.

The Green Religion is just like any other; predicting damnation unless one adheres to the strict code of conduct, shaming those who don't, and achieving the highest level of piety.

I'm not interested in that, and most people aren't. That was my point.

Suggesting that one might be able to bundle up rather than warm the cabin of their vehicle is perfectly reasonable, along with all the other suggestions for conserving resources.

Feigning surprise that most people aren't interested in driving in unheated vehicles, and attempting to shame and guilt them is absurd and ineffective except to gain personal piety points.

I use well below the average energy per capita compared to my peers, and spend well below my means. It doesn't make me better in any way. That said, I have relationships with others that doesn't permit me to keep my home at 2 degrees C in the winter, or insist their time is better spent walking to get groceries rather than drive (I've been Segwaying lately).

We were talking about water saving. I suggested the benefits of going outside, but I don't begrudge anyone that prefers to use a toilet.
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