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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
It's curious that you see a product rather than a process. I'd compare S0 to other news aggregators, like Slashdot. It provides access to the latest satellite imagery, as from GOES16.

While I see you quoting 20-year-old print material.

Also, I hope no-one objects to me using my diesel block heater.
*I'd just go to NASA,JPL,or CalTech,etc..
*The 20-yr-old material is from the professional journals,with original letters and papers,in the hand of the actual research teams.Their references create a valuable timeline in the evolution of each discipline.They also cover the mistakes,debates,controversy,and weaknesses caught by the referees.I don't know where else you'd ever see that sort of thing.
We learn where they've been,and where they're heading with future research.
Also,we learn noted individuals,and their research organizations involved in all the interdisciplinary work,worldwide,contributing to the IPCC reports.It's a very efficient way to get acquainted.
Without this knowledge,it's impossible to know,whether or not some claim hasn't already been investigated.
Current publications are keeping abreast of new research.The older stuff fills in the blanks.No scientists would operate without it.
*The block-heater's a good idea.If you were doing it here,it would be carbon free.
PS the Suspicious Observer is a for-profit business,yes? And perhaps things get on there,that might not be welcome in a professional journal?
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