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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
Finally. Some of the real situation is starting to enter the main stream green media. Transitioning all cars to electric will only save 11% of oil. Even if solar and wind grow by 9X in 2035, fossil fuels will still be 77% of total primary energy considering world growth. It is not just a matter of choice of where we get our energy. We are stuck using all of the above. The fastest possible pace of solar and wind build out can't replace what we need to maintain the economy. And fossil fuel energy will eventually start to slip away. Leaving us short and broke. Anyone alive in 20 years needs to start getting ready now.
With respect to the climate issue,transitioning off fossil fuel combustion to EVs and renewable energy,would address the carbon challenge,while maintaining mobility.
It's off-the-shelf technology today,no magic necessary.
And the used EV market will allow even people on the economic margins to drive with a relatively-zero carbon footprint.
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