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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
I am surprised this is the first time someone has mentioned it. How many of you believe North America needs Europe-level has gas prices?

Who believes they do not go far enough?

How is Macaroni's pen stroking working out?
In 1986 I worked for a home builder in Monument,Colorado.Between Federal,state,and local taxes,he was giving 67% of his income to 'government',and getting virtually nothing in return.He did enjoy 'cheap' fuel as our troops were heading over to the Middle East.

The same year,I traveled with a German national for 8-weeks,who received 6-weeks paid holiday a year,and free healthcare and dental care.
We went into Canada,where they had free healthcare,and even covered 'foreigners' at no charge.Even prescription drugs.
Sure,fuel costs more there,but public transit basically obviated the need for an automobile.
Sometimes leaders have to put on the big-boy pants and do logical things,whether popular or not.
If a 28-cent per gallon Diesel tax is enough to throw a country into into chaos,that's reason enough to get off petroleum as fast as they can say merde.
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