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Ford XLT Naked - '14 Ford F-150 XLT
90 day: 15.04 mpg (US)

Ford G-4 with Stinger - '14 Ford F-150 4X4 Super Crew XLT
90 day: 19.8 mpg (US)

Ford Stealth G-4 - '14 Ford F-150 4X4 Super Crew XLT
90 day: 18.69 mpg (US)

XLT Towing Keystone 5th wheel trailer - '14 Ford Keystone 5th Wheel XLT
90 day: 11.72 mpg (US)

Trip 2015 C Max Energi - '15 Ford C Max Energi SWP
90 day: 38.2 mpg (US)

Local 120 volt 2015 C-Max Energi - '15 Ford C-Max Energy SEL
90 day: 55.65 mpg (US)

Local 240 volt 2015 C-Max Energi - '15 Ford C Max Energi SLE
90 day: 57.63 mpg (US)

Energi Combined - '15 C Max Energi Leather
90 day: 51.2 mpg (US)

Moon Dust 90% CE - '19 Chevy Bolt Lt
90 day: 127.11 mpg (US)

Moon Dust without CE - '19 Chevy Bolt Lt
90 day: 138.64 mpg (US)
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Why would anyone be attached to living in a world with seven billion people or 9, or 11 billion or more? What possible benefit would you accrue from having so many humans on the planet and so little room left for anything else? What kind of worldview attends such a Humanocentralism? How long can all we love and hold dear prosper in a world with an increasingly unstable climate, a diminished environmental support system, and the collapse of the biosphere? Are we so self absorbed as a species that nothing else matters but the here and now, and our own unenlightened self interest?

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