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Originally Posted by Snax View Post
$10k fuel tank: Seems a fair average cost, but consider that this is the cost for a new battery with full power and range
Every new car comes with a new battery. The reason why the $40k Bolt has a spartan interior and lacks some of the advanced features found on other $40k cars is because $10k went into the "fuel" tank.

Weight: Less clear. My i3 weighs less than 2900 lbs with the range extender. The battery only version weighs just a hair over 2600. Much of that is owed to carbon fiber and aluminum construction, but as such, the battery is able to be significantly smaller and lighter as well.
The i3 was designed to be very lightweight and has a relatively small battery. Apply that same construction to an ICE vehicle and you'd get a slightly lower weight vehicle. I was mostly comparing "fuel" tanks though. A full gas tank might weigh 200 lbs. The Bolt battery is closer to 1,000 lbs.

Fill time: Clear trade-off between local and extended miles driven.
Yes, filling while you sleep is an advantage. It's not an advantage when you are waiting for the tank to fill though, which was my point.

Environmental Conditioning Requirement: Yes, and no. Over-hyped from what I have learned...

High summer temperatures are also being better handled with newer EVs, having abandoned schemes like Nissan's poor planning with air cooling for the early Leaf.
If you occasionally need a heating/cooling system for the "fuel tank", then you have to build the system, which adds cost. Gas tanks don't need heating and cooling ever, so they don't have environmental regulation built in.

The fact that the Nissan implementation was a disaster is proof that thermal management is not optional on an EV.

Gas and Electric Vehicle Cost of Ownership Calculator

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