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I've seen Leaf owners in Vancouver, WA with a rapidly degrading battery. I really don't think the '11-'13 batteries weren't designed to hold up well. It's been a while since I looked into it, but I wonder how the so called lizard batteries have been holding up?

The i3 battery should hold up much better since it has active thermal management.

Heck, even my 3 kWh Prius battery has active management (a fan).

I'd say now is the time to get a new EV since the federal credit is reduced for Tesla starting in Jan, and reduced for Chevy starting April, with Nissan to follow shortly after. Once the credits expire for the big players, the used vehicles will hold value as the new market cools off (or tanks).

Now would also be the right time to buy used since they will be in short supply in the coming year.

One downside of EVs is the 1/3 drop in range in winter weather. My ICE vehicles might drop 1/10 in winter, so it seems EVs are affected much more drastically.
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